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Sneak Peek – Baby Boy B.

I affectionately dubbed this weekend as “Babypalooza.”  I had three shoots over two days with a total of four babies.  This is the first of several sneak peeks to come.

This little man is 3 weeks old and the light of his mommy and daddy’s world and I had the pleasure of photographing him on Saturday.  I just wanted to share this sneak peek with them.

Thank you so much to this little guy’s parents for inviting me into their lovely home this weekend.  Can’t wait to share this whole session!

Violet in (Knitted) Wonderland

Friday morning, I met up with the cutest little curly top around (and her mama) at the Blanton Museum of Art.  We were there for a photo session in and among their amazing installation, A Knitted Wonderland.  Led by artist Magda Sayeg, over 170 local volunteers knitted “cozies” to cover the trunks of all 99 trees in the Blanton’s Faulkner Plaza.  I only found out about the installation on Thursday, and Friday was the last day.  We were super lucky to be able to get a session in before it was gone.  Violet absolutely loved running in and out of the trees – she kept hugging and kissing them.  Adorable!

I haven’t edited these photos yet, so what you’re seeing is a collage of the shots straight out of my camera.  I have several knitter friends (hi Stacey & Heather!) and I wanted to get these up for them to see.  Enjoy!


MarieMarch 20, 2011 - 5:33 pm

sooooooooooooo cute!

StaceyMarch 20, 2011 - 7:49 pm

Lovely! You have a great eye as always, the colors are great! Wish I could have seen this in person, but you’ve given the next best thing.

Day Two: joy of LUCK {willette}

I am participating in a free week-long class by {willette} entitled the joy of LUCK.  (Yes, I said this class was free… get your hiney over there and sign up!)  The class is designed to help the participants focus on the blessings and luck in their lives through photography.  Each day, a prompt gets sent out along with some ideas and photography tips.

Today’s prompt (which arrived last night):  St. Patrick’s Day is all about the wearin’ o’ the green these days!  Green is all over the place today as we celebrate Saint Patrick and being Irish.  You can also see green when you look out your window at the new buds forcing their way up.  Green is also symbolically the color for newness, new beginnings, spring and life.  Today I want you to find the green – this can be ANYTHING that is either the literal color green OR something that brings newness, new beginnings, life, or hope to an otherwise dismal situation.  Look at your day not as a series of hurdles/problems, but as a blessing!  We are SO lucky for all that we have.  Capture this with your lens!

I have really come to see Austin as home.  I moved here just over 4 years ago, not knowing anyone at all, and having only spent 2 days in the city during my job interview.  I just didn’t know how it would work out or if I would ever feel like I belonged here.  Now, I love this place.  One of my favorite times of year is spring.  It’s a very short few weeks of actual spring here in central Texas, but I think that makes folks cherish it all the more.  While I was out and about running errands today, I got back into my car, looked up, and realized I had parked under this beautiful, blooming, budding tree.

Did I mention I love spring?

Day One – joy of LUCK {willette}

I am participating in a free week-long class by {willette} entitled the joy of LUCK.  (Yes, I said this class was free… get your hiney over there and sign up!)  The class is designed to help the participants focus on the blessings and luck in their lives through photography.  Each day, a prompt gets sent out along with some ideas and photography tips.

This was today’s prompt:  “What inanimate object/thing/concept is something that you take for granted on a daily basis?  What would someone who is not as fortunate as you are say about your “luck” to have such a thing in  your life?  Think about your blessings today – (don’t focus on people for this one…that will come later)…focus on opportunity/experience/something you have/do EVERYDAY that is an unforeseen blessing in your life.”

I had just sat down to eat dinner when this prompt landed in my e-mail inbox, and I knew immediately what I wanted to do for today.

The first thing that popped into my head is that I am so lucky to have food.  It’s such a simple thing, that I take for granted.  I complain regularly about “having” to go grocery shopping (seriously – it is my most dreaded task).  But I forget that there are lots of people that don’t even get to go to the grocery store.  I am lucky enough to have access to plenty of wholesome, healthy food choices.  I have the financial means to purchase food.  I have the appliances and equipment at home to properly and safely store and prepare food.  I have one of the ultimate first-world problems… I have to sometimes throw food away because it went bad before I could eat it.  What a luxury (and a complete waste) that is!!

I have volunteered off and on with the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas for about two years now.  I usually work in the warehouse, inspecting and sorting donations to be sent out to different food pantries in the greater Austin area.  A few months ago, I had the opportunity to volunteer with one of their mobile food pantries in Fredericksburg.  There were people lined up in the wind and the cold for hours before the truck lined up.  There was a pastor from a local church there who told me that the line kept getting longer each time the mobile food pantry visited (once a month).  It was an extremely humbling experience to see families, children, elderly, and disabled people lining up for hours in the hopes of getting whatever food was available that day.  I have been working hard to remember that every time I’m about to complain about “having” to go to the grocery store or tempted to get take out because it’s easier than cooking the food I have at home.  I’m so very lucky to have those “problems”.

Last call for models!


We have received a bunch of applications for models for the upcoming bridal shoot, and we are so excited!!  I wanted to send out one last reminder (on the blog at least) that we are accepting applications through this Friday, March 18th.

In particular, I would love to see some more applications from folks with a little bit of Austin quirkiness…  a vintage girl, someone with tattoos, purple hair – it’s all good.  So, if you’re at all thinking of applying, please read the information from the original post below.  Thanks!!


I’m on a search for models.  Not models in the “I’m too sexy for my shirt” sense… but regular, real, awesome women interested in a fun day of hair, makeup, fashion, and cavorting around town for a photo shoot.  I am teaming up with my friend and fantastic hair and makeup artist, Mindy Sea, to do two fabulous (and distinctly different) bridal shoots.

Only problem? We need some brides.

Brides-to-be, new brides, old brides, blushing brides, former brides, petite brides, curvy brides, tattooed brides, wannabe brides. We don’t discriminate.

So, this is the official call for models for our bridal shoot.

And what will our lovely models get?

  • Professional hairstyling
  • Professional makeup
  • Online image gallery
  • Four (4) complimentary prints (8×10 or 5×7) of their choice
  • The opportunity to order additional prints at a 50% discount

What is required of the models?

  • Availability on Saturday, April 30th or Sunday, May 1st
  • Ability to commit 6 hours of time on the day of shoot
  • Must have a wedding dress (yours, a friend’s, from Goodwill) – white or ivory
  • Must be comfortable with the idea of the dress getting incidentally dirty or wet
  • Must be comfortable taking direction in front of a camera
  • Must sign model release

If you’re interested, please use the Contact link at the top of the page to let me know.  I will follow up with you by e-mail.  Please know that if you are interested, we will be asking you to provide us with 3 photos (snapshots are fine):  full body shot, head shot (w/ hair down, please), and the dress (preferably, you in the dress).

We’ll be taking information from those interested until March 18, 2011.

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